Although he was not the first president, Teddy Roosevelt who died on rooseveltJanuary 6, 1919, was a president of many firsts – and mosts and onlys. Taking office in 1901 at the age of 42, he was our youngest president. (In 1904, he became the first president elected to a term in his own right after having ascended to the presidency from the Vice-Presidency upon the death of his predecessor.) In 1902, he became the first president to ride in an automobile, and in 1905, the first to submerge in a submarine. He was also the first to fly in an airplane. He was the first American to win a Nobel Peace Prize (1906) and one of only three Presidents to ever win it.

Roosevelt was probably the only president to carry a big stick, which may have given him the confidence to be the only president never to use the word “I” in an inaugural address. He was the only one-eyed president, after losing the sight in one eye in a 1904 boxing match with a professional fighter. Though not the only military hero who became president, he was the only one to lead a charge up San Juan Hill.

And he was the only president named after an animal – the teddy bear – although two later presidents were named after plants.

A banner day for ufologists:  The guy who spotted a UFO that day did go on to become president.  And chances are Jimmy Carter was the only president ever to spot a UFO.  Not even Teddy Roosevelt did that.

On January 6, 1936, Warner Brothers introduced the cartoon,Porky pig Gold Diggers of ’49, providing a platform for a new character name of Porky Pig.  Next day on his dressing room, they hung a star, and Porky went on with the show for another 153 cartoon appearances,  Warner’s longest running character.





2 thoughts on “January 6, 1919: Don’t Call Me Teddy or I’ll Hit You with My Big Stick

  1. Okay, I have one of the presidents named after a plant, but I am not sure about the second.

    Is “barack” the name of some kind of plant in Kenya (oops… Hawaii)?

    Help me out with this.

    1. That was a nice try. But I had in mind the two Bushes. Unless you want to count Rose – avelt. There’s two of them as well, so technically that’s four. Unless you count Cleveland.

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