Robert Taylor, who died in 2007, was an honest, down-to-earth Britishdechmont forestry worker, not given to flights of fancy or flights of other strange things. Perhaps that’s why the story of his encounter on November 9, 1979, has remained compelling through the years.

On that fateful day, he parked his pickup truck just off a busy motorway in Dechmont Law and climbed up the forested hillside, accompanied by his dog. As he came out into a clearing, he was greeted by a fantastic sight, according to his account — a strange metallic sphere, some 20 feet in diameter, “like a spaceship, a huge flying dome.”

As he watched, dumbfounded, two smaller spheres, each about three feet in diameter, emerged from the mother sphere. As they plopped to the ground and rolled toward him, he saw that they were covered with menacing spikes. They didn’t look particularly friendly.

When they reached him, with nary a “take me to your leader”, they began jamming those spikes into his legs, hooking his trousers. Struggling was useless as they dragged him back toward the larger sphere. There was a hissing sound, a nasty odor, and then everything went black.

He awoke some time later to the barking of his dog. He ached all over. Unable to start his pickup, he walked the mile to his home. He recounted his adventure to his wife who, after checking his breath for alcohol, called the police. After all, it was obvious that something had happened to him, although she was more inclined to attribute it to some mad marauder knocking him silly than an alien.

The police found strange markings at the scene of the incident, but the case eventually died for lack of follw-up. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that Taylor might actually have seen ball lightning or that he hallucinated the incident during an epileptic fit. Some have even suggested that the local tourist board orchestrated the whole thing to stir up business.

A small plaque and statuette mark the spot where, as Taylor maintained throughout his life, he was attacked by aliens. Few tourists visit the spot.


Inspiration for 11/9/16



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