They’re saying women aren’t going to vote for me. Boy are they in for a surprise on election day. I’m going to win, win big, and women will donald-trumpbe voting for me, because they secretly love me. And I love them, at least the good looking ones. They love me because I’m big, a big television star, a big businessman. I have big buildings, a big plane, big bucks. And I have a big locker room, if you know what I mean. The women love my locker room. They all want to get into my locker room. Big ideas, big hands, big hair, big . . . G’night.


5 thoughts on “Bedtime for Donald

  1. As much as I love your wit, I can no longer read your “Bedtime for Donald” blog… it is just too sad…. as is this whole election.

    I read somewhere (maybe it was your other blog) that the presidential candidates we have are the ones we deserve. At first I was offended, but then realized that it is true. We as a country deserve Clinton and Trump. Trump (as disgusting as he is) is a sad reaction gone bad of many republicans against the political system and the pitiful republican party establishment (similar to the Brexit vote rebellion in the UK). In the meantime, the loyal democrats are to blame for the pathological liar with the “I am above the law” smug arrogance we know as “Hillary”. These blindly loyal people gave the DNC the power to take away their vote and rig the primary for Hillary (someone that almost 70% of the American people think is untrustworthy)

    Both parties (following the rule we were all taught as children when having nothing good to say about someone) are saying nothing about their own candidates. Instead they are spending their millions (or is it now billions) of advertising dollars bashing the other party’s candidate (trying to scare everyone in their parties to blindly hold the party line).

    It is time to show that we do not “deserve” these two. It is time for the American people to quit goose stepping to their party’s line. It is time to “truly” follow your conscience in the voting booth. It is time to vote for a third party candidate for president. You CAN make a difference! Your vote CAN count! Do not waste it!

    1. While I don’t agree with everything you say here, you have pointed out some nasty truths. I took the path you’re suggesting many years ago, and we ended up with Ronald Reagan. Maybe he would have won anyway. I think for a third and/or fourth party to take hold they’d need a really strong candidate (which Gary Johnson is not) and probably a huge shift in voter attitudes. For example, see how difficult it is for the Progressives to maintain a toehold in liberal Vermont. On the other hand, we may get three parties after this election when the Republican party implodes. As to your prescient comment on Bedtime for Donald, you’re absolutely right. I’ve come to the same place: it’s no longer much fun to write and I’m probably done with it — note the weasel word probably; I may feel compelled to change my mind as squirming Rs unendorse, re-endorse, unendorse again . . . And thank you for your continuing comments which are themselves reliably witty and apt.

  2. It’s true we deserve this because we haven’t paid attention and we’ve allowed this travesty to unfold. I’m fearful, as I think most people are, of the eventual outcome. Hillary is hawkish and very casual with the truth and Trump is the National Idiot. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, it is Congress that runs the country and the lobbyists run them so there you have it, you-know-what without a kiss.

    I love the Bedtime for Donald pieces and I’m going to continue to broadcast them because it’s good to laugh!

    1. Wow, you’ve summed up the entire election in one dandy sentence: “Hillary is hawkish and very casual with the truth and Trump is the National Idiot.” Thank you for enjoying Bedtime and passing it along. However, as I pointed out in another reply, Trump is becoming less fun to lampoon. I may just go to bed with a bottle of bourbon (or two) and wait out the election. Maybe someone else will take up the cudgel.

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