Canadians. Why are they even up there? What a bunch of losers, a whole nation of losers, including their Inuits and their mounties and donald-trumptheir polar bears. Especially the French ones. Les losers beaucoup. No one even knows who their president is. I know I don’t. Sure, a lot of them are nice people and I love them, but they’re probably sending murderers and rapists across the border, too. We gotta build another wall — a long, long wall. Mexico will pay for it. G’night.


2 thoughts on “Bedtime for Donald

  1. I know the population in Canada will rise after this election, as I have heard people from both parties threatening to move there.

    Do you think we could trade both of our pathological liars (Hillary & Donald) to Canada for a third line hockey defense-man and maybe a few old draft dodgers to be named later?

    How about if we throw in a lot of cash (the national debt be damned)?

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