I love Hispanics. I do. I love Pancho Villa, Jose Jimenez and Chiquita Banana I love them all. I love tacos, too. Mooey Grande. At great sacrifice to myself, I employ donald-trumpthousands and thousands and thousands of Hispanics. And I pay them Yankee dollars — thousands and thousands of Yankee dollars.  And they love me. Yes they do. They call me their Don Juan. You gotta love them. Unfortunately, they’re all murderers and rapists. We gotta build that wall. Fifteen, twenty feet high. Brick, with barbed wire swirls on top. Stretch all the way from Houston to San Diego, then north up to Seattle. Lose all those Northwestern pot-smoking liberals and those California LGBTQs. I love them. I love them all. But they’re out. Mexico will pay for the wall. I can deal with the Mexicans, and believe me they’ll pay. They’re all murderers and rapists. Except Chiquita Banana. G’night.


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