“He is blessed with a kind of magic truth, the uncanny ability to project the core and humanity of the character he is playing. Beneath the surface humor there is a wry commentary on the conventions and hypocrisies of life.” Sid Caesar was born on September 22, 1922. He lit up 50s television with his incomparable humor on Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour as well as many movies during his long career. In his words:

Asked by Carl Reiner about great mountain climbers, Professor Sigmund von Fraidy Katz (Caesar), an authority on mountain climbing replies:  Jim Richardson. He was the greatest. He made the record, Sid-Caesaryou know. He climbed the Matterhorn in two weeks, four days, and twelve hours.

Reiner: Is that the record?

Caesar: No, he made the record on the way down. Ten seconds. He was a sweet guy.

Reiner: You still save that rope as a token of your great respect . . .

Caesar: No. If I didn’t have the rope, my pants would fall down.

Imogene Coca has accused Sid of flirting:

Coca: You know what I mean. You helped her on with her coat.

Caesar: I helped her on with her coat! You finally caught me! I admit it! I helped a lady on with her coat! I stand before the universe accused! And I confess . . . I helped a lady on with her coat! Oh, vile deed that I have committed! Woe to me and all those who shall follow after! Let it be known down through eternity that I, Charlie Hickenlooper, helped a lady on with her coat. Send messengers to the far corners of the earth! Tell them to erect their guillotines, to light their witches’ fire, for the just punishment of a hideous crime! I helped a lady on with her coat!

Coca: You never help me on with my coat.

Sid has nightmares about being treated like a baby: “Sometimes the nightmares are so violent I fall out of my crib.”

sidSid on a healthy marriage: “Make it interesting. Keep it alive. I showed a friend of mine once how to keep his marriage exciting. You know what he used to do? One day he’d come home from work, his wife would open the door, he’s a French soldier, and he comes walking in (humming Le Marsellaise). The next day he’s a policeman, he comes in, he starts to run around with the handcuffs and the badges, and the next day, he don’t come through the door, he jumps through the window, he’s a clown. He somersaults all over the living room and throws his wife all around the place. . . . She left him. He was a maniac.”

“The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius. “

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