voodoohalfBoy meets duck, boy loses duck, boy finds girl.

At Disney World, Paul is picked up by a five-foot duck named Huey. Duckness proves to be skin deep, however, for Huey the Duck is really Huey the Girl, an attractive young woman who leads Paul astray and to Key West, where during a sailing adventure, they are marooned on a tropical island. Idyllic except for the pirates, pythons and panthers, voodoo, men who have passed through the earth twice, and things that go bump in the Caribbean night.

 The print version is available from Amazon, Barnes &Noble or through your favorite book store.   Or I’ll send you a copy (just leave a comment saying you want one).  Various electronic versions are available here.

“If you like your characters to be realistic, your dialogue to be beyond snappy, and your writing to be simply as good as it gets, then try this. I read it a while ago and, as a writer myself, it’s still one of the best things I have ever read. I mean, I fell in love with a duck–How good is that?”  — Steve Carter, Author, Love, Sex and Tesco’s Finest Cava:

“From the very first chapter heading to the last period on the last page, his novel entertains without a single lapse. The attention to detail is perfect, not overly much nor less than necessary. Not one scene felt contrived; some passages provoked unanticipated laughter . . . I knew his characters and recognized their personalities. I was particularly impressed by his ability to capture, effectively, the essence of young people. The children are charming and lovable, his villains are despicable, and the  protagonists are just like us . . .  I was inspired to loathing, dread, and violence as well as concern, amusement, and anxiety in all the right places.”  — Elroy Jones, Elroy Jones Blog

“Voodoo Love Song starts out as a fun, lighthearted almost-romance between Paul and Huey (not her real name), with hints of mysterious goings-on in the background. By the end, it’s an action-packed and suspenseful thriller. This is a very quick read but it’s tremendous fun with colourful characters, a lush Caribbean setting, and just a hint of voodoo magic. Just the sort of thing to read on the plane to your own tropical island (although I read it on a rainy evening in England, which also works).” — Rachel Cotterill, Rachel Cotterill Books


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